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A local charity that has been helping the less-able and Senior Citizens for over 25 years in Andover and surrounding areas. Andover Neighbourcare assists those in genuine need in the local community by providing support to maintain their independence.

Last updated: Sunday 5th April 2020.

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Stay Safe, Stay At Home

Andover Neighbourcare is pleased to be holding food boxes for the Food Bank during the pandemic. The office in Union Street will be open Monday - Friday between 9am - 4pm for collections. The office is on lock down, so we will only give boxes out to people with vouchers. These vouchers are to be placed on the doorstep. The person who is to receive the boxes must them move to the other side of street whilst the voucher is taken in and the food boxes placed on the step. This will be on a trial basis to help with the distribution of boxes in the the centre of the town.

Neighbourcare is pleased to announce that the charity has nearly covered all their 1000 members with support. 
Neighbourcare will also fetch prescriptions and also do shopping if needed.
 We would like to hear from any one who would like to help but they must be police checked if dealing with our clients.
A huge thank you to our Handy Helpers and volunteers that work tirelessly and quietly to support the community.
To all our members, who many have been with us 20 years, stay home, stay safe and we hope to be back to normal soon.


Andover Neighbourcare is a local charity providing a wealth of services to the local and wider community.We offer help with Transport, Shopping, Cleaning, Gardening, Relieving carers, Internet Training and much much more.You can find us at 12 to 16 Union Street, Andover, Hants, SP10 1PAThe office is open from 9 to 4 or ring us on 01264 339899 / 404142 or 336020

Andover Neighbourcare is a local charity providing a wealth of services to the local and wider community.We offer help with Transport, Shopping, Cleaning, Gardening, Relieving carers and much much more.In addition we also offer on Monday Afternoon Tea & Games which are held at the United Reformed Church hall.More information about Andover Neighbourcare, our staff, volunteers, services, members and community shop can be found by simply clicking the relevant button in the menu on the top left hand side of this page. MEMBERSHIP SCHEME Our membership scheme cost just £18 per year or £28 per year for couples. Membership benefits include up to date information with what's happening at Andover Neighbourcare, parties, events and reduced rates on Mini Bus fares. Please use the contact form to register your interest, pop in to the offices or call 01264 404142.

Andover Neighbourcare has been asked about how people can donate on line to the charity. You can donate cash by going to localgiving.org/charity/andover-neighbourcare.Cheque donations can be sent to 12 Union Street made payable to Andover Neighbourcare.Cash donations can also be made at the office for which you will be listed as a friend of Neighbourcare.Donations for the charity shop can be collected if needed.Or if you only wish to give your time to help on any of the schemes we run please contact the officeMany thanks for your support.

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